Selasa, 27 Juli 2010

pink package

My package from Tarakan is already come. Big thanks for Koala who make it true *thank you juga yah tante uda mw beliin hehehe. maap ngerepotin :) And I get idea to make open the package become a short stories. Pink Package. Enjoy!

♥ Hey we get pink package!! Let's open it. I'm so curious :D

♥ Hey cut the pink package not my face !! Rawr!!! hehehe

♥ Help me open the pink package. Dont sleep over there!

♥ Wow. What is thaaaat ???

♥ It's so heavy. I'm gonna die!!

♥ We gonna Maggi Mie party tonight. Yay!! -- the end --

Mmm.. FYI Maggi Mie is instant noddle made in Malaysia. Yummy yet spicy :) What do you think about them? Do you love it. do you love them?? hehehe. By the way they are nameless. Would you help to gv some idea for their name? Some name which given from my friends :

♥ Berry and Lindsay -- berry is bear. and. lindsay is lion sea
♥ Mocha and Mochi -- mocha is bear. and. mochi is lion sea
♥ Blake and Clyde

Which is better?? Or you have other idea?? help me. help us :)

3 komentar:

joninel mengatakan...

wow..cute dolls :D i choose mocha & mochi :D hahaha

Esther Angela mengatakan...

so cute doll and nice story
i think Blake and Clyde are cute
as cute as them:)

hboy mengatakan...

blake and clyde..