Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

quite bored

Another quick post. Another daily routine. It July already...
♥ Finally I brought digital camera. Pocket for sure :)
Thank God the waiting is over. I brought Canon because my first - but - broken camera is Nikon. And I want another great brand hehehe. I forget the type but it is newest type *lirik banner Canon. Ada Avril Lavigne lagi pegang kamera kuuuu hahahaha
♥ The color is shocking pink. The shop where i was brought only have this color. But the color is pretty cute. I love the feature technology inside. Yay!! Super happy :D
♥ Gary in Surabaya already. Horaay!! He ask to watch dvd together. He'll bring the collection. But totally I'm not sure. Sound weird. Yeah lil bit hahaha. And I confuse where is his college?! LA nor NY ?? Forgot :( *gini katanya temen baek dari jaman es em a hahahaha
♥ Daddy bring his old - but - still - great tripod. Like come from 70th era :)
♥ Jura has new project and new job. Gonna be super bussinesman. Gonna be hard to hanging out to watch Indonesian movie with him *kriiik.. kriik...
♥ My next package aren't coming yet. I hate waiting so long :(
♥ New collection. New idea ?! *lazy to the max to thinking about
♥ I think I'll get fever. Oh no... need more sleep *another laziness alibi hehehe
♥ New addiction to bokeh effect and texture on photoshop. I was download a lot!
♥ I want Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts. and. new CD on my car. Owl City maybe *sigh

5 komentar:

Veren Lee mengatakan...

u're the owner of cheezybabe ya c?
<3 ur blog :))

.a little princess.

Anonim mengatakan...

looks like you had a lot going on in your life ;)
i'm quite bored too, i'm doing nothing in this holiday... so sad.

p.s.: wanna exchange link/follow for follow? :)

Castor Pollux

sii miemi mengatakan...

whr r from? nexttime u should come to brightspot..
nice blog..


Diana Ang mengatakan...

Varen Lee : yes. i am the owner of cheezybabe hehehe. thank you for lovely comment. really makes my day :)

Castor Pollux : either i. sometimes i feel so bored and lost my passion. everything seem so boring :(

Sii Miemi : say hi from surabaya :P

Anonim mengatakan...

congratz yah , seneng pasti dapet kamera baru :)