Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

light leak

♥ Some photograph with light leak effect

Light leak
is an area within a camera where light is able to seep or leak. Because the film is over expose. Within most cameras this is considered a major problem but some people consider the light leaks in camera can be artistic and therefore leave the light leaks untouched

And I think I one of them :)
Currently in love with this light leak. Usually on Holga camera type but I don't have any. Everything is automatic. So the answer is photoshop - ing. Yeah photoshop will do it for you! I checked already so many photoshop tutorial on Youtube about light leak and retouching photo or how to make vintage style photo. Very inspiring. I'll gonna practice later on my fashion style or my self portrait. It's should be fun and you should try it. First go to Youtube and search the keyword la :P

4 komentar:

cathy mengatakan...

the photos are so damn beautiful! i wish i could do some photoshoot like that or edit like that with my photoshop :(

disturbed by fashion

cal mengatakan...

i agree with you :D haha leak emang keren sih heuehe aku biasanya make photoshop aja ;p *nggak punya kamera HAHA
share ya kak ntar pengen liat :* hehe

Stevia mengatakan...

cool pics!!

jadi pengen bisa photoshop ni
ga bisa sama sekali

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Eugenia Maria Efendy mengatakan...

blogwalking back! I like your blog. and those beautiful-terrific photos! :D mind to exchange link? feel free to follow!