Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

work hours

Behind the job desk stories. In case if you want to know about little things in my office :P
♥ The photo above is taken by my digicam. It is called miniature effect but I usually say ruang tajam sempit which I got the name in photography basic lesson in my collage. It is condition when you see only small part nor pieces which look focus and other is blur
♥ That feature is one of my reason why i brought my digicam with that type hahaha. I really love ruang tajam sempit effect
♥ And about things on photo. I'll explain it one by one :)
♥ I am Blackberry Javelin user. hahaha. Quite vintage huh since I know it is so old-school trackball blackberry in trackpad era. But who's care if I still love it hahaha
♥ The red book is customer data and order list from my lovely customer
♥ And the pretty bracelet is one of my products. Do you love it?

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Vina mengatakan...

the bracelet is cuuute!