Minggu, 18 Juli 2010

the pool

♥ Mistake - gone - great photograph. Blur and not focus which happen accidentally but I love the result. My digicam make some bokeh effect :P

Sleep less in five hours in few days. Oh no!! super sleepy and I need hibernate but of course not this Sunday. I go to church in the morning then lunch and get some snack which I bought at church :) In the afternoon is time to meet up with friends at Dian Istana. Roy's house suddenly become our base camp. LOL. And we have great dinner at The Pool. It is too late and tomorrow is Monday. Should back home earlieeeeeeer hahaha

♥ My friends order this huge beer which contained 3litres of Bintang Beer. And it's been long long time ago since I drunk this beer and when I try again I feel the weird taste. It is like drink mineral water but bitter. Okay. I guess I am the wierd one not that beer hahaha

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