Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

not nautical yet

♥ What I wear : Blue loose tee ~ ZARA. Jeans Short ~ Bershka

Red blue and white comes in one whole package always reminded me about nautical theme. Can I call these color with nautical color ?! hahaha
As seen as my photo you can realize that blue tee is kinda of loose tee. But few days ago I saw this girl with red bow on blue dress in random online shop. OhmyGod how come this loose tee transformed become dress. So if you want the original one you will get loose tee but if you want the unbranded yet fake or inspired one or whatever you said you'll get dress. Sometimes the fake one is look more creative and have many color more than authentic one. I remembered I also have ZARA tee which produced two color pink and gray only but in another fake - random - boutique they have six color. Creative or what?! :P

3 komentar:

monica mengatakan...

nautical + summer = perfection

love the tee

vecha ♥ mengatakan...

love love love your tee :)

Miss Lia mengatakan...

bebiiiii saya juga punya tee zara yang itu, but with different pic