Minggu, 16 November 2008

coca cola limited edition

Teman. teman. saya lanjutkan dari posting-an sebelum nya yah hehehe. biz liat Coca Cola Light by Roberto Cavalli jadi nemu Coca Cola limited edition yang lain. duh. lucu. lucu. jadi pengen punya :D

♥ credit : The Dieline

Coca-Cola berpartner dg Sony Entertainment dalam mempromosikan James Bond "The Quantum of Solace." Coke is launching this special edition bottle of Coke Zero with the name: Coke Zero Zero 7. hahahaha. gaya yah :] dan dijual di Harrods departement store.

“The new, edgier Bond persona is the ultimate embodiment of the Coke Zero brand personality, and is expected to deepen the brand’s engagement with its core target audience of 20-something men” -- Bobby Brittain. Brand Director of Coca-Cola Great Britain." --

♥ credit : The Dieline

Okay. kalo yang ini Coca Cola " Sex and The City. the movie" hahaha. Patricia Field mendesain empat limited edition bottles of Diet Coke untuk dijual secara eksklusif di Selfridges.  The gold bottle represents Career. the red bottle Passion.  the pink bottle Love. and the turquoise bottle Fashion. phew tiap botol mempunyai artis tersendiri ni. hehehe. Ilustrasi nya berasal dari Patricia's House of Field designer line. kalo temen temen liat movie nya. you'll spot a bag used by Carrie, with a similar look.

The diet Coke City Collection captures today's modern women, confidant, glamorous, sexy and more in charge of their own lives, and represents the areas of life that are most important to them such as : career. passion. love and fashion. In addition the designs represent diet Coke as a sexy, sassy brand perfectly compatible with today's woman. -- Patricia Field --

♥ credit : The Dieline

Phew. kalo yg ini fave saya. colorfull. hehehe. Coca-Cola launched a line of 5 aluminum contoured bottles called the Magnificent 5 or M5. Lima desain yang berbeda ini juga berasal dari lima graphic studio dan benua yg berbeda yaitu The Designer's Republic - UK.  Lobo - Brazil.  MK12 - United States. Rex & Tennant McKay - South Africa.  and Caviar - Japan. mereka diberi tugas untuk membuat modern and hip designs aimed at young and creative consumers. hehehe. dan hanya dapat ditemukan only at the world's most exclusive clubs and lounges.

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